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Genetic Testing

As human beings are unique, each person having their own genetic makeup. At Bereshit Lifestyle Center we offer genetic testing or what is better known as single nucleotide polymorphisms, which will assist us in the nutritional management and weight control of the individual as he/she is genetically engineered. This test serves to identify inherited disorders allowing to individualize the management of the genetic alteration of the person. Such information will allow us to help in the personalization of the nutritional treatment since it determines to a great extent alterations of the amino acid sequence of the genetic code among other things.

Are you not able to lose that extra weight?  

The Weight Management Genetic Test can provide analysis of genes highly associated with weight gain and elevated body mass index (BMI). Using your results, we offer dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are scientifically supported to help get the fastest results without all the trial-and-error of dieting. A weight management program tailored to your genetic code can make a significant difference in your life. 

Are you concerned whether your body is being properly nourished?  

The Nutritional Health Deficiencies Genetic Test provides analysis of how each individual metabolizes key vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the proper metabolism of each person, specifically the speed at which the body uses energy to perform all the involuntary activities that are necessary to sustain life. Essential nutritional deficiencies can contribute to many health ailments such as visual impairment, bone loss, malabsorption syndrome, red blood cell disorders, mood disorders and more. Current research indicates that genetics plays an important role in such nutritional deficiencies. The information provided reveals sufficient data that allow us to make concrete decisions about the diet and the appropriate supplement for each person.

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