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The laser wrist watch is adopted eleven 650nm low level laser, when cold laser watch irradiates defined acupuncture points on the wrist (radial artery, neiguan point and nasal cavity acupoint), the energy light can be absorbed by cells, to stimulates protein synthesis, help to clean blood vessel waste, improve oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, accelerate blood circulation & human metabolism, reduce high blood viscosity, blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, repair damaged nasal mucous and cure rhinitis at the same time.

What's more, the laser watch can also irradiate the inner area of the nose using the adapter included. The inner area of the nose comprises of a multitude of capillaries. The nerves in the nose are stimulated, the blood circulation in the skull is improved and in total the local micro circulation is thus improved. Furthermore, as a result of the stimulation, more oxygen should be made available in the brain.


Laser therapy watch combines acupuncture point, external blood irradiation (radial artery acupoint & nasal cavity) for your healthy living, especially help people purify the blood, lower hypertension and fight diabetes.


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