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We Do What We Do
Because We Care


Wellness Through Science

We apply rigorous science to harness the natural botanical benefits of hemp. Our detailed understanding of biochemistry and the application of cutting-edge technology has led us to create holistic, patient-focused wellness products.

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The Origins of Cannabinoids Matter

We source our hemp from a devoted network of organic farms in Oregon, where the climate yields a richer cannabinoid and terpenoid profile from the plant. With an array of helpful plant compounds at our disposal, we have more opportunities than ever to promote wellness.

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From Seed to Shelf, We Control All of It

From cultivation to harvest to extraction to formulation, we control every aspect of every stage of production. It’s the only way to make sure our products contain the things we want in our bodies, and none of the things we don’t.

Made with Integrity, Our Products Stand Up to Rigorous Testing

Grounded in a mission of well-being, we put our CBD products through scrupulous testing at multiple stages of production, ensuring none of them are contaminated or compromised in their ability to promote wellness.

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