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Ozone Generator


At Bereshit Lifestyle center we sell ozone generator equipment that offers different benefits, both for your home and for your car or any other space where you want to perform disinfection. Ozone generators are durable, easy to maintain and to use. Ozone generators are devices that use technology to sanitize surfaces and environments. In short, it can be used both at home and in other spaces; for example a car, an office, etc. It brings great health benefits, in addition to many other advantages.


Ozone generators with the latest technology

In summary, it is of great interest to note that ozone generators are manufactured with the most advanced technology, they are very beneficial as household appliances, since as we will see later they provide great solutions at the domestic level, and also at the business level.

Its characteristics make it the perfect solution to sanitize environments, food, and surfaces.

• Disinfecting with ozone provides greater than 99% efficiency in eliminating viruses, bacteria, mites, and fungi.

• There is no rubbing.

• Ozone penetrates naturally in all nooks and crannies.

• The generators do not use chemical products.

• After application, the ozone disappears completely, dissolved in the air, and there are no chemical residues or residues.












What are the benefits of ozone generators

The main benefits of ozone-generating devices are: they purify the air and any surface where it is used.

• They purify the air: with these devices the contamination of the air around us is eliminated, thanks to its ozonolysis process. It eliminates many components that are harmful to our health, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It also helps to eliminate bad odors from the environment, so that we can live much more comfortably in our home.

• They sanitize offices and homes: floors, carpet, walls, and surfaces are cleaned. Ozone generators can be placed in poorly ventilated areas, such as bathrooms, to remove pollutants from the environment and bad odors.

• can be used in all types of service establishments such as offices, schools, hairdressers, beauty salons, dental clinics, health centers, cars, ambulances, taxis, etc.


What precautions should be taken with ozone generators:


Although we have completely disinfected the interior with ozone, when we ventilate it so that we can enter it safely, we run the risk of reintroducing the pathogen inside. Also, we can introduce it again by carrying it impregnated in our hands, in shoes, in clothing, for this reason, the measures of hygiene and social distance must be maintained, after the use of ozone generators.

The wrong application, an excessive concentration or a very high exposure to ozone can end up causing damage to certain materials, especially those that contain rubber, cellulose, some paints, etc.

The most popular ozone generator:

254nm Portable Air Sterilizer has two pcs of 30 watts UV lamps that emit a high-intensity ultraviolet light that hits every surface in the room and kills any microorganisms or pathogens including MRSA, hand foot mouth disease, colds, and flu, pneumonia, molds, e. coli, salmonella, and similar type of bacteria. The light penetrates and destroys the actual DNA of microorganisms.

 There is no known microorganism that is immune to UV-C energy.

 254nm Portable Air Sterilizer disinfects approximately up to 30 square meters of the room area.

 There are numerous safety features built with a 0-120mins timer.

 254nm Portable Air Sterilizer has numerous applications not just for hospitals but can be used in schools, play areas, hotels, clinics, homes, cinemas, buildings, food manufacturing companies, and offices.

 it quickly and effectively provides disinfection of all surfaces and air within minutes.

 254nm Portable Air Sterilizer is laboratory tested, used by hospitals and recommended by doctors.

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