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Neo7logix Explanation

Transcript of presentation by John A. Catanzaro

It is an honor to present Neo7logix. My name is John A. Catanzaro and I am CEO and co-founder of Neo7logix.

Neo7logix’s other co-founder is Anton Yuryev, JHU PhD of Cellular and Molecular Biology and Director of Elsevier Professional Services Biology and inventor / developer of Pathway Studio.

I organized Neo7logix after retiring from 25 years of clinical practice treating end stage terminal cancer patients, severe autoimmune and viral related diseases that failed conventional treatments. During my years in clinical practice, I treated thousands of patients with these conditions using integrative treatment with benefits to the patient in boosting immunity, but this was not enough to assure recovery from their diseases.

Through the years of treating these types of patients and observing very few modalities working to facilitate long term remissions, it sparked my innovative spirit and I developed an immune based treatment that designed specific immune-peptides (neoantigens and disease specific epitopes).

I treated over 500 patients with this personalized design working with a team I formed at Harvard and Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Our center performed an internal audit choosing a variety of cancer types over a 10 year period using this immune based peptide treatment and we discovered we had an estimated >58 % efficacy rate of life extension of 3, 5 and over 10 years on incurable terminal patients. Conventional oncology at the time were leaving patients to die and at best had a 2-3 % efficacy with incurable disease.

At that time NGS and RNA transcriptomics was too costly and not regularly available for the patient and the platforms were limited with poor turnaround times and data reporting formats.

The Harvard team and I decided to use patient urine samples and proteomics assays isolating protein products related to the patient’s diagnosis, HLA typing of the patient, biocomputation and bioinformatics specific to patient’s diagnosis and we designed 6-15mer peptides related to gene / protein isolated product from the patient’s urine and matched to their HLA susceptibility along with an extensive bioinformatic database query to determine our top immuno-peptide candidates.

On average patients would have anywhere between 6-20 different sequences that were then pooled and mixed with immune based adjuvants to activate the pool and administered as treatment over a 21-30 day injection cycle with 3-4 cycles over a 12-18 month period with astounding outcomes.

Neo7logix was established upon the knowledge, experience and benefits of the above design and has greatly expanded its molecular mapping, ranking, prediction, and selection platform, which is detailed in our investor summary pitch deck.

We have integrated all NGS, RNA transcriptomics, urine proteomics, Elsevier Pathway Studio API, HLA typing, sequence integrity and viability data, ADME-Tox and full unification API for automation utilizing AI, ML and knowledge-based API.

Neo7logix technology is registered under a provisional patent with USPTO and also has IRB approval with ANRI / NORI central IRB in Arizona. The product lines of our technology design are: PBIMA-PES (Precision-Based Immuno-molecular Augmentation / Personalized Edited Sequences for cancers, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases), and PBIMA-SOLVx (our novel pathogen Disease X immune polypeptide platform). 

With this, our company executive core team has grown rapidly as specialists with much experience in their fields related to expanding business innovation models and technology. The list below are the names of our executive core team.

Sincerely, John Catanzaro ND

Neo7Logix PPAS Bifold-Diagnostic

Analytical Service

PBIMA-PPAS™ is a personalized analytical service for a high specificity patient profiling through patient’s genomics
and proteomics data using immuno-molecular biological pathways and HLA affinity mapping, prediction and ranking.
PPAS service is available for cancer, autoimmune conditions, and inflammation-driven and neurodegenerative
disease. Precision analytics will provide a comprehensive report for your client’s precision personalized
treatment design and protocol. The report will consists of personalized neoantigen/self-antigen peptide sequences,
natural medicines, mechanism of action with disease hallmarks, USFDA approved current marketed drugs, and safe
therapeutic information package.

Regenerative Medicine / Functional Medicine Personalized customization utilizing a person’s genetics (molecular
and proteomics) reveals the hidden elements controlled by intricate and complex interactions that will never be
revealed by traditional laboratory testing or routine diagnostics. 

PBIMA-PPAS™ is an effective personalized analytical service for the following patients but not limited to:


Cancers – Breast, bladder, lung, thyroid, brain, bone, colon, pancreatic, prostate, multiple myeloma, melanoma, lymphoma, lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma, leukemia, etc.

Autoimmune Disease Inflammation –Multiple sclerosis (MS), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), scleroderma, mixed
connective tissue disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Neurodegenerative Disease – Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson's disease, amyotrophic lateral
sclerosis (ALS), dementia, brain inflammatory diseases, CNS degeneration, etc.

PBIMA-PPAS™ service is available for the Oncologist, Integrative medical practitioners, Naturopaths, Allopathic and Homeopathic practitioners. This service is solely design to diagnose your patients to determine the personalized choice of treatment for complex
metabolic disease such as cancer, autoimmune disease, inflammation-driven and neurodegenerative disease.
Practitioners and all medical professionals face the challenge of complications and limitations found in the
current medical environment as it relates to patients that fail conventional treatments. Personalize medicine provides viable options that are unique to the patient providing actionable guidance that will optimize the medical professional’s treatment plan for the patient.


PBIMA-PPAS™ personalized diagnostic analysis is highly precise to determine the disease mechanism and route-of-cause with the scope of the best personalized peptide/natural agents selection to target the T cell immunity to modulated the disease
variables and problems. It reprograms the immune system for neutralizing and/or eradicating mutated cells in any stage of a disease process which includes prophylaxis, primary, and secondary stages.

PBIMA-PPAS™ is service utilizing a gene/protein/cell communication network editing platform,
PBIMA™ which can find the mutations and can predict the corresponding normal gene for mutated
genes in patients as a personalized editing sequence with and SMART
™ analysis technology. This
program is optimized and verified with immunogenetic adaptation knowledge for regenerative
healthy (disease-free) cell function and longevity to support an individual’s evolutionary
regenerative adaptation and disease-free survival.

Our service can analyze the NGS data to determine a “best fit” therapeutic optimization for an
individual centered on personalized patient's disease molecular mechanisms to find an integrative
approach seeking to activate the patient’s systemic defenses against disease, thus ensuring health
longevity. The input for this analytic process is the molecular profile of patient’s disease tissue and
comparison with normal healthy tissues. Therapy design will also use the molecular biology
knowledgebase extracted from scientific literature.
The service will provide a comprehensive package information for the clinicians for their patient
disease profile which is personalized matched molecular diagnostics data with his/her immune
system and molecular biology knowledgebase.

The Analytics pack will contain precision personalized data with: 

  • Clinical treatment strategy

  • Safety info for peptides/natural agents/drugs

  • Therapeutic dose information

  • Contraindications

  • Pharmacology (absorption, distribution,

        excretion, metabolism and toxicology information)

  • Mechanism of action

  • Storage info

  • Disease hallmarks

  • Management of adverse events and

  • Post treatment follow-up info


• ImmunoOncology Analytic Package
• Autoimmunity Analytic Package
• Neurodegenerative / Regenerative Analytic Package
• Regenerative Medicine Analytic Package (Functional Medicine)
• Cardiovascular Regenerative Analytic Package
• Basic Precision Drug / Natural Agent Matching Analytic Package

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About the Product: PBIMA-PES™ is a personalized peptide therapy to be used in the treatment of cancer, autoimmune conditions, and inflammation-driven and neurodegenerative disease that has returned or has not responded to treatment.



Neo7Logix Trifold Patient

PBIMA-PES™ is effective for following diseases but not limited to:

  • Cancers

  • Autoimmune Disease Inflammation

  • Neurodegenerative Disease

Read More…

Neo7Logix Trifold Physician

For Physician Information only.

The focus of PBIMA-PES™ therapy is not disease-centered, meaning it is not designed to treat a single disease diagnosis.

PBIMA-PES™ therapy provides the augmentation to redirect the patient's own immune system to better manage any disease process.










Notice: All potential candidates located in the United States must be referred by their

 Primary Care Physician in order to participate in this treatment.

Candidates in the Dominican Republic can contact Dr. Rojas directly for treatment.

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