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Hand Rehabilitation Robot Gloves


Combined with flexible robot technology and neuroscience, it can help patients master fingers flexion and extension, reduce hand muscle tension, relieve edema and stiffness, promote rehabilitation of brain nerve injury through exercise, improve hand activity and accelerate the rehabilitation of hand function.

Why choose Hand  Rehabilitation Robot Gloves?
(1) Innovative Hands Mirror Training, can significantly improve the BS / FIM score of hand
Innovative Hands mirror training, The healthy side drives the affected hand, Simultaneous movement of hands, Activating mirror neurons, The motor nerve pathway of the normal healthy hand is copied to the affected hand, Promotes the recovery of brain autonomy, Speeds up the hand function rehabilitation process.

(2) Active manual task-oriented training

lt is a rehabilitation training method based on the theory of motion control. It rebuilds the brain function through repeated training of specific functional activities in life. According to the three stages of sports learning, it is proven effective in rehabilitation training methods to correct various factors influencing sports to achieve close to normal biomechanics.

(3) Brain nerve remodeling
The hand rehabilitation robot gloves can help you gradually restore the motor nerve path way in the brain by using the principle of 'motor relearning.

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